Family Owned & Operated

Our friendly service is an extension of our family-run culture. We have been committed to quality and customer satisfaction since 1968.

Over the past 17 years, we have purchased over 100 cages from Clark Cages - still have the original cages in daily use and it is impossible to distinguish them from more recently bought.

— JAS. Ors. MRCV.S. Calgary AB Canada

I am a repeat customer, two times over. My initial purchase of cages was in 1993, then another purchase about 10 years later. So this will be my third purchase. Your cages are of excellent quality and very durable.

— Alex Sunarich BSC, DVM -Orchard Grove Animal Clinic

The best dryers I have used in my 30-year grooming career! I have used others, and Clark Cages are the best…the best customer service and any parts required are easily interchangeable.

— Mary Happy - Groomingdales of Lee Summit